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Extract Resolution of IRS

Relevant resolution of the General Body meeting for the purpose.

The meeting had a requisite number of attendance for a quorum and at the outset of the meeting, the committee resolved unanimously with the following resolutions.

Resolution 1:- Approved the list of members at the last General Meeting dated 04/10/2021

Resolution 2:- To approach the right authority for early engagement of the Organisation to conduct the organization management.

Resolution 3:- To submit new the President and the Secretary of IRS-NGO at the Society regd. Office along with all member list as well as resolved that amendment for the objective by providing clearly as sector-wise mention in the Memorandum of Association of the society.

Resolution 4:-To approach the right authority for early engagement of all financial accounts updated at the Bank (Account Jointly Operation) of the organization to conduct of the organization.

N.B.:-Including copy of a proceeding of General Meeting of the year of 2021-22

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