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Our running programme


Programme Running by IRS, NGO (Own Funding):
1. IRS Digital Literacy Centre (IDLC) Certificate Courses: ACC-Awareness in Computer Concepts, CBCC-Basic Computer Course, CCC-Course on Computer Concepts, CCC plus – Course on Computer Concepts Plus, ECC – Expert Computer.
Course Valid Until 31/03/2025

2. IRS Integrated Culture Promotional Programme (IICPP) Culture is our Life and its Identify for every Society! The objective of Project: To be promoted for all types of interactive fora such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, festivals and exhibitions, production on any subject important to the preservation or promotion of cultural heritage, arts, letters, and other creative endeavors. Valid Until: Every year within a month of November to April.
3. IRS-Handloom Textile Promotion & Manufacturing (IHPM) An earning step for rural tribes under IHPM. The objective of Project: To Rural household sources of income, livelihoods strategies, and institutional constraints in the Textile industry of weaving traditional to the modern technology integration process. The mission of the Project: to earn a minimum of Rs.300/ per day for every weaver, every BPL Families. Valid Until: Regular rural earning source supporting programme.
4. IRS Computerised Embroidery Training Centre (ICEC): Learn and earn as self-employed/entrepreneurs. The objective of the Project: To learn with earning basic for rural backward classes women as part of women empowerment support activities. 15 days to 3 months training duration Training Provides. Free learn Computer Basic Knowledge, Free learn Entrepreneurship Basic Knowledge and free learn Entrepreneurship Marketing, Valid Until All time. 

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