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Contribution to Needy

Donations through Integrated Rural Society, registered under section 80G of India’s Income Tax Act, 1961 are tax-deductible 50%. Your online donation gets an automatic 80G Certificate (PDF receipt) after a successful online transaction (donation) with bank reference to the contribution via your email. Physical Donation Receipt of NGO is available on request only.

Other ways to donate ( Crowdfunding Platform)

Corporate Funding Linkage: 

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Funding Pattern

How to get funding for an NGO and their source of funding

There are basically 4 different types of funding:

1. Government Funding

2. Corporate Funding

3. Foreign Funding

4. Personal Funding


Government Funding: What is Government Funding? Any monetary fund granted by the Government of India to the NGO comes under the category of Government funding. If you wish to obtain Government funding, you need to submit a project in the ministry for the work for which you need money. If they approve your project, you will receive funds. If they disapprove of you, you can’t get funds.

Corporate Funding: What is Corporate Funding? There is a rule in the Indian constitution with the name of CSR rule. CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility. According to CSR, a company is liable to give 3% of its annual benefit to charitable organizations or spend this 3% of money doing charitable work. If you run an NGO, you can submit a project to a company asking for money under the CSR rule. If they like your project, they will give you funds for your specific project.

Foreign Funding: What is Foreign Funding? An NGO can also receive grants from abroad which are called Foreign Funding. However, only those non-profit organizations can receive funds that hold FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) certificates. An NGO is applicable to get an FCRA certificate once it has completed 3 years.

Personal Funding: What is Personal Funding? Personal Funding means a person can donate independently to an NGO. There are no fixed criteria for getting funds from an individual. If an NGO has an 80G certificate, the individual or company donating to that NGO will get a 50% tax rebate on the total amount of donation made to the NGO. If an NGO has a 35AC certificate, the person or organization donating money gets 100% tax exemption. If an NGO does have neither of these certificates and it receives funds, it has to pay tax for it.

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Extract Resolution of IRS

Relevant resolution of the General Body meeting for the purpose.

The meeting had a requisite number of attendance for a quorum and at the outset of the meeting, the committee resolved unanimously with the following resolutions.

Resolution 1:- Approved the list of members at the last General Meeting dated 04/10/2021

Resolution 2:- To approach the right authority for early engagement of the Organisation to conduct the organization management.

Resolution 3:- To submit new the President and the Secretary of IRS-NGO at the Society regd. Office along with all member list as well as resolved that amendment for the objective by providing clearly as sector-wise mention in the Memorandum of Association of the society.

Resolution 4:-To approach the right authority for early engagement of all financial accounts updated at the Bank (Account Jointly Operation) of the organization to conduct of the organization.

N.B.:-Including copy of a proceeding of General Meeting of the year of 2021-22

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A General Meeting of the Executive Committee of Integrated Rural Society (IRS) NGO was held on 04/10/2021 at 10.30 a.m. & it’s vided Resolution Ref. No. IRS-NGO-242/GM-2021/7 and resolved that convened for changing or modification of Memorandum of Association and Terms & Conditions of the society, which must be submitted for concern at regd. of society office, Guwahati.

All Executive Members signed and resolved that amendment for the objective by providing clearly as sector-wise mention in the Memorandum of Association of the society as per approved:

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Conference on Herbs & Ayurveda Cultivation & Processing

The society like to inform you that a one-day (Herbs Growers meet) ceremony on Herbs Farmers  Training Meet programme with a banner “Conference on Herbs & Ayurveda Cultivation & Processing” organized on Saturday date 11 September 2021 from 10.00 am to 4.36 pm at Nartap ME School, Sonapur, Dispur, Kamrup Metro, Assam by specialty organized by Mr Nitin Ronghang, Chief Secretary, IRS, and Dr. Madhumita Saikia, Secretary, IRS (Arleng Symphony with Signature Institute), where participate 189 no farmers (under Covid-19 protocol ) under supervision and surveillance by Cercle Officer, Sonapur and The Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati

The prime motto of the programme was to conduct farming herbs facilities as well as knowledge of marketing among the farmers. All participants practice herbs and their production activities and focus on our natural herbs and protection of the environment by the rural population, thus reducing destruction of the environment, balancing nature, protecting the forests and wasteland, and natural surroundings.

Activities have been undertaken in this programme :  How to

● Developing Herbal Garden Nursery
● Developing Herbal Garden
● Promote, Cultivate and develop medicinal plant species for sustainable utilization.
● Promote alternative sources of employment and income to the local masses.
● Training and workshops for local people.

● Showcase the plantation process and preservation.

Short description of program: Herbs Growers meet in Sonapur Kamrup metro. Attended by Sonapur Circle Officer Sri Bistirna Baruah. Mentor Dr Sriporna B Baruah,IIE. Sri Rupmoi Baruah, Tea gardening expert. Sri Ajit Kathar, Head Master Nortap ME SCHOOL. Rj Megha Rinku Saikia. Dr. Madhumita Saikia, Nitin Ronghang, Ramen Kathar, Nandan Tumung, and herbs growers of Assam
Date 11/9/2021
Venue Nortap ME School

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Welcome to IRS NGO

Your designation is our destination & dedication”

Message from President, IRS-NGO :
Since its inception, the organization has been dedicating all its effort to the welfare of the people in the field sector of Education, Health, Culture, Re-habilitation works, Vocational Training, Welfare services for the aged restitutes. since last 11th years, continues. In the finical year of 2020-21, the organization conducted many programme during the year. Speaking on the achievement of the organization as the presented of the organization, I hopped more attitude from our executive members and general members as well senior advisor of IRS and well-wishers
so that we can achieve our organization main aim and objective for make a nation as a social volunteer organization. We appreciated the efforts of the members and volunteers of the organization and expressed satisfaction over the progress of the organization.

Sri Priya Kumar Deuri, President & Chief Functionary (Founder, IRS)

Integrated Rural Society (IRS) A Society for Rural Serve as an NGO is a non-political, non-sectarian and nonprofit
making organization dedicated to the cause of societal development.
Activities are undertaken and Experience:- Organizationally Experience on Social Mobilization for different Interventions at the rural area for rural development under Sector of Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Education, Health, Art & Culture, SPORTS, Human Rights, Legal Awareness & Aid, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Worked Experience on Construction of Low-Cost Latrine in BPL families as well as in APL families of rural Village under Sanitation Project, SHG promotion, Skill development for Income Generation (including a handicapped person)and Tree Plantation, Rural Youth Development, Computer Training Centre, Data Entry Processing, Computerised Embroidery for women. Tribe’s BPL development & Awareness, Aids/HIV Awareness etc.

Organisation Diagram:-
The Organization Structure of the Integrated Rural Society (IRS) NGO is based on a system as mentioned below:-
1. Governing Body/ Executive Committee
2. Advisory Broad
Governing Body/ Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee is solemnly responsible for the management operation and mainly for the successful implementation of development programmes. The Executive Committee also delegating its powers to the programme implementation committees helping for successful implementation of the development programmes of IRS. The Governing Body of IRS has comprised of Eleventh Executive Members nominated or selected (elected) by the General Body.
Advisory Broad:
The Advisory Broad Comprise of Executive Members, IRS programme coordinators and selected persons associated with IRS in different projects. The Advisory Broad meeting is held every month at the premises of IRS to review the ongoing projects of IRS and how they can be made more effective focusing on people participation and result oriented. The Advisory Broad Member keeps the right to ask for any document/explanation from the IRS programme coordinator from Time to time. As soon as after the decision right to attitude for action the organization will be organized any programme for as development.
Running Geographical Area of Activities: All over Assam and North East

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Our running programme


Programme Running by IRS, NGO (Own Funding):
1. IRS Digital Literacy Centre (IDLC) Certificate Courses: ACC-Awareness in Computer Concepts, CBCC-Basic Computer Course, CCC-Course on Computer Concepts, CCC plus – Course on Computer Concepts Plus, ECC – Expert Computer.
Course Valid Until 31/03/2025

2. IRS Integrated Culture Promotional Programme (IICPP) Culture is our Life and its Identify for every Society! The objective of Project: To be promoted for all types of interactive fora such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, festivals and exhibitions, production on any subject important to the preservation or promotion of cultural heritage, arts, letters, and other creative endeavors. Valid Until: Every year within a month of November to April.
3. IRS-Handloom Textile Promotion & Manufacturing (IHPM) An earning step for rural tribes under IHPM. The objective of Project: To Rural household sources of income, livelihoods strategies, and institutional constraints in the Textile industry of weaving traditional to the modern technology integration process. The mission of the Project: to earn a minimum of Rs.300/ per day for every weaver, every BPL Families. Valid Until: Regular rural earning source supporting programme.
4. IRS Computerised Embroidery Training Centre (ICEC): Learn and earn as self-employed/entrepreneurs. The objective of the Project: To learn with earning basic for rural backward classes women as part of women empowerment support activities. 15 days to 3 months training duration Training Provides. Free learn Computer Basic Knowledge, Free learn Entrepreneurship Basic Knowledge and free learn Entrepreneurship Marketing, Valid Until All time. 

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